Varavon BirdyCam 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer Ships July 1st

Just a few months ago at NAB2014, Varavon showed off their new BirdyCam 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer. Pricing was estimated to be under $2K at release, but at Cinegear this past weekend they’ve announced a slight jump in price to now $2300.

So why the slight increase in price? Well as far as build quality, they’ve made some improvements along with upgrading the entire system with a 32 bit controller (instead of 8 bit shown at NAB). At Cinegear the final product worked amazingly, and you can check out the video below as they demonstrate it’s stability. (note: handles on final version will be finished in black)

Compared to other products, the appeal of the Varavon Birdycam gimbal is the tool-less frame design in which you can easily dial in a camera’s balance.

Varavon Birdy Cam 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer Varavon Birdy Cam Gimbal Stabilizer

The top handle attaches via a standard divetail (quick release) to mount the gimbal to a jib, crane, or cable cam keeping you camera stable while offering options to operating Pan/Tilt remotely. The Varavon BirdyCam will also include it’s own stand and a carrying case – a major convenience for any Gimbal.

Birdycam Packing ListVaravon Birdycam case
find-price-button Varavon BirdyCam 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer – PreOrders Save $300 off

I’ve seen quite a few gimbals at both NAB and Cinegear, and so far no other “Ready-To-Run” 3 Axis gimbal system capable of flying a 5D Mark III for under $2400 dollars has impressed me more than the Varavon BirdyCam.

Here’s a bit of better news. Pre-orders are open now and first units should begin shipping on July 1st. All pre-orders will receive a $300 dollar discount, so you can still pick it up for the price quoted at NAB2014. For Pre-Orders and for more information visit the BirdyCam product page (found here).

varavon birdycam pre-orderpreorder birdycam varavon 3 axis gimbal stabilizer
find-price-button Varavon BirdyCam 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer – PreOrder Now

09 Jun 2014

Downloading Installing and Launching SimpleBGC Software MAC OSX

First download the correct software that matches the firmware on your Control Board. You can find the download links for both 8 bit and 32 bit boards at the BasecamElectronics website (found here).

Once you have the software downloaded, unzip it. You will see the following directories and files inside the folder. On a MAC system launch SimpleBGC_GUI.jar.

unzip launch sbgc software


You may be prompted with a message that your system can’t open the file from an ‘unidentified developer’.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 8.15.23 AM

If you receive that message, then simply hold ‘Control + Click’ or ‘right click’ on the file and choose Open.

Right Click Launch SBGC Software Security SettingsUnindentified developer open software SBGC Gimbal

You will now see the GUI application. Make sure your Gimbal is connected via USB and choose the appropriate port and click Connect on the top left.

Connect to SIMPLEBGC Basecam 32 Bit gimbal board

NOTE: If you are unable to connect to your Gimbal on a MAC system, you may need to install a driver. Download the MAC driver from this website (found here), run the installation, restart the SBGC application and try again. Typically it will be the last port on the drop down list.

If you are still unable to communicate with your gimbal, double check the USB Cable. Often times people may be using USB cables that were designed to charge a device, but is not truly a Data USB Cable. Swap the USB cable with a known Data USB Cable and try again.

If you receive an error about the software being incompatible or “GUI Version Mismatch”, then you have downloaded the wrong version of the SimpleBGC software. Take a look at the firmware version (seen under the Connect button) and download the proper software to match the firmware on your Control board.



08 Jun 2014
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