First Look Unboxing CAME-TV 75000 Ready To Run 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Now that CAME-TV is offering up several different gimbal options, the popular question right now is whether to go with the 7000 or the 7500 model. The CAME-TV 7500 model is listed as a ‘Ready to Run 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer’. Price is just $200 dollars more than the DIY 7000 Kit.

CAME-TV 7500 3 Axis Gimbal Satostudios
@Satostudios BTS with CAME-TV 7500 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Though it’s delivered mostly assembled, many parts are left loose for you to adjust and balance your camera. Once you have your camera balanced, it’s a good idea to run through and make sure that every bolt is tightened up. This is VERY CLOSE to the 7000 32 Bit DIY model with a few exceptions. The big difference with the 7500 (as opposed to 7000) is that you don’t need to build it yourself.

The CAME 7500 will also come preloaded with a few different profiles that are loaded by clicking on the center of the joystick. [NOTE: The video I share above was an earlier model, so your profiles may be different]. Aside from paying extra for a preconfigured system, they claim the CAME-TV 7500 model is using more powerful motors and also provide a case mounted to the back to protect the control board with an ON/OFF rocker switch. Considering there are not many ’32 bit’ complete gimbals coming in at this price this is a great addition for those who don’t want to build it themselves.

CAME 7500 3 Axis RTR Gimbalcame 7500 ready to run 3 axis stabilizer
find-price-button CAME-TV 7500 32 Bit Ready to Run Gimbal Stabilizer

Now just because the system comes assembled or ‘Ready to Run’, it will still benefit you greatly to have an understanding of the different parts, pieces, and software configurations in case you need to troubleshoot or fine tune for your different applications. I would suggest that you continue checking in with my sub-website at

For more information about the CAME-TV 7500 3 Axis Gimbal, check out the website (click here)

ready to run gimbal 3 axis dslr canon gh4CAME 7500 Gimbal Stabilizer
find-price-button CAME-TV 7500 3 Axis Gimbal RTR

August 5th, 2014 at 5:49 am

Hello, i have a couple of questions, i just got the new 7500 and i use it with a 5dmk3+ 17-40 or a rokinon 14mm but i also have a 24-105 and 20mm f 2.8. The gimbal doesn’t perform as good as yours but i managed to get a couple of good shots and some jobs done. Yesterday I’ve connected to the software and i realized that it didn’t had the latest firmware and after upgrading nothing seems to work anymore. Can you please give me some advice on how to make it work again or some pid-profiles? I’ve tried several profiles that i found on the web and after writing them the gimbal goes all crazy and shakes and goes in all direction.
Thank you for your time

August 20th, 2014 at 4:16 pm

@Stefan – You’ve most likely reset all the basic information such as whether the motors are inverted or sensor position. You will have to start from scratch tuning the PIDs. I suggest following this video:

September 18th, 2014 at 8:45 am

I think I have balanced my CAME 7500 perfectly, I have tightened all the bolts as well. I have a problem with the roll axis, the moment I turn it the left side of the camera goes down a little, the right side goes up a little. Should I perform this calibration


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