Building the DIY Tiyaga 3-Axis Mini Gimbal Kit for GH4 Sony A7s BMPCC Cameras

The video below is a short demo video of my DIY Mini Gimbal with the Panasonic GH4 camera built from the DIY Tiyaga Mini Gimbal Kit.

If you’re interested in building your own, the article below shows some of my step-by-step procedures for building out the Tiyaga Mini Gimbal Frame. This DIY 3 Axis stabilizer comes with a kit (less motors, controller, and few accessories). The Tiyaga Mini Gimbal Kit can be found at

Tiyaga DIY 3-Axis Mini Gimbal Stabilizer Frame Kit



Part One: Tiyaga Gimbal Frame Assembly

Below is the assembly video with the timeline indexed

0:01 Overview of Tiyaga DIY 3 Axis Gimbal StabilizerFrame
3:30 Assemble Vertical Bar and Yaw Support Bar
6:50 Assemble Pitch Frame with Quick Release Base
10:00 Overview of Roll Bar Assembly
11:35 Adding Wires to Brushless Motor Soldering
17:56 Insulating Wire with Heat Shrink Tubing
21:28 Assemble Roll Bar Frame
27:12 Joining Roll Bar Frame with Pitch Frame
28:10 Overview of YAW and Roll Motor Housings
30:44 Building the YAW Motor Cage
36:40 Building the Roll Motor Cage
38:10 Attaching the Roll Motor to the Vertical Bar
39:40 Attaching the YAW Motor to the Yaw support Bar
41:15 Attaching the Roll & Pitch Frame to the Roll Motor
46:10 Installing 15mm Clamps, Cross Bar, and Side handles


[Currently in Progress]

Part Two: Connecting Wires to Control Board

  • Running Wires through the Frame
  • Installing Control Board
  • Attaching IMU Sensors

iFlight Aluminum Case Gimbal Controller (optional)

  Adafruit 30AWG Silicone Wires

Deans T Connector Battery Wire

Part Three: Configuring SBGC Software, Basic PID Tuning

Downloading Installing and Launching SimpleBGC Software MAC OSX

You can find updated information about installing the SimpleBGC software from the website in the user manual PDF. Otherwise follow the directions below.

First download the correct software that matches the firmware on your Control Board. You can find the download links for both 8 bit and 32 bit boards at the BasecamElectronics website (found here). Once you have the software downloaded, unzip it. You will see the following directories and files inside the folder. On a MAC system launch SimpleBGC_GUI.jar.

unzip launch sbgc software  

You may be prompted with a message that your system can’t open the file from an ‘unidentified developer’.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 8.15.23 AM

If you receive that message, then simply hold ‘Control + Click’ or ‘right click’ on the file and choose Open.

Right Click Launch SBGC Software Security SettingsUnindentified developer open software SBGC Gimbal

You will now see the GUI application. Make sure your Gimbal is connected via USB and choose the appropriate port and click Connect on the top left.

Connect to SIMPLEBGC Basecam 32 Bit gimbal board NOTE: If you are unable to connect to your Gimbal on a MAC system, you may need to install a driver. Download the MAC driver from this website (found here), run the installation, restart the SBGC application and try again. Typically it will be the last port on the drop down list. If you are still unable to communicate with your gimbal, double check the USB Cable. Often times people may be using USB cables that were designed to charge a device, but is not truly a Data USB Cable. Swap the USB cable with a known Data USB Cable and try again. If you receive an error about the software being incompatible or “GUI Version Mismatch”, then you have downloaded the wrong version of the SimpleBGC software. Take a look at the firmware version (seen under the Connect button) and download the proper software to match the firmware on your Control board.

Quick Settings to Check

To setup your gimbal, you have to enter the proper information into the SBGC software.

Here are a list of steps to check during your setup.

  • Top and Right settings for the Sensor orientation must be set for Camera IMU and Frame IMU.
  • Number of Poles for DYS 4108 Hollow Shaft should be set to 22.
  • Start with Motor Power settings at 140. If you are working with a heavier camera, you can increase this slightly and retest.
  • Check if the ‘Invert’ option must be set for any of the motors using the ‘Auto Button’.
  • Calibrate ACC for Camera IMU by holding the camera straight and level.
  • Calibrate ACC for Frame IMU by holding camera straight and level.
  • Calibrate Gyros and hold camera frame straight and level
  • Start with PID settings of 20 / .02 / 20. If you are working with a heavier system, you can increase the P & D settings slightly. If you are working with a lighter weight camera system, lower the PID settings.
  • Once you have set your PID settings, if the motors vibrate or ‘buzz’ when moving the gimbal, you must decrease the P & D settings on the motor that is oscillating.
  • Additional information about Tuning PID settings can be found in the user manual under each firmware version at (here).

Part Four: Balancing the Tiyaga 3-Axis Gimbal Frame

Your gimbal will work more effectively if it doesn’t have to fight improper balance. The video above explains how to balance your camera. Below is a list of tips to double check your balance. Once you have your settings, you will not need to re-balance for your setup.

  • Slide your QR plate forward/back.
  • Use the sliding plate to shift the camera side to side.
  • Lay the camera on it’s back and adjust the side brackets up or down until the camera can balance on it’s back.
  • Tilt the frame at an angle and adjust the height of the rear Roll Bar.
  • Tilt your handles from the side and adjust the YAW motor.
  • Tilt your handles over the camera slightly and adjust the rear vertical bar clamp.

Setting up Follow Mode on Alexmos SBGC Controller

Follow Mode is an optional setting that allows the camera to pan and tilt without a joystick. This is an important feature that helps you follow and frame your subject.

Connecting a Joystick to the Alexmos SBGC Gimbal Controller Board

Here’s a video showing you how to add the HHG Joystick to the Alexmos Board along with settings that need to be adjusted in the software.


HHG Joystick for Alexmos Gimbal Board

Karan Singh
February 10th, 2015 at 6:07 pm

Hi, great work! Question, is it possible to add a second joystick for a third axis to AC3?

August 30th, 2015 at 9:10 am

Great works Emm, very helpful article. By the way can you please inform me where i can buy the alexmos SBGC + 2 IMU sensor that work with offiicial SBGC software from basecam. Thanks

August 30th, 2015 at 9:17 am

great work emm, very helpful article. can you please inform me where i can get the alexmos controll
er with the IMU sensor that work with official SBGC software from Basecam. Thanks


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