8 Bit Gimbal Upgraded to 32 Bit with new Controller Dual IMUs

In the video below i’m showing how i’ve replaced the 8 Bit Control board and single IMU sensor to an aftermarket 32 Bit control board with dual IMU sensors.

So if you’ve already purchased an 8 bit version, and you’re looking to upgrade to a 32 bit board, it’s pretty straight forward and fairly simple. I know that the extra cost for a new board stings a bit, but the new options in the software and dual IMU sensors improve the performance of these gimbals more than 10x in my opinion.

If you’re using a CAME 7000 gimbal, I would contact to see how much they could sell you a new board that should fit perfectly. The only thing I haven’t plugged in yet is the old joystick that came with the 8bit. I’m thinking of just getting an entirely new joystick because the old square version did not have the momentary push button for ‘service mode’.

DYS Joystick for Basecam 32 bit controller
find-price-button Joystick with Push Button 32 Bit Alexmos

If you’re using another type of 8 bit gimbal, here’s the aftermarket board that I purchased. You may find it cheaper but I wanted mine to ship quickly so I paid a bit more (click here).

32 bit controller upgrade
find-price-button 32 Bit Alexmos Controller Dual IMU Sensors


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